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Seven Power Tools Every Woodworker Must Have

Posted by Vicky on

Working with wood for making stuff may feel like an expensive task to beginners. Though interesting, the task requires sophisticated tools without which the job is incomplete. All these tools cost money but not as much as imagined.

Woodworkers need to have some basic tools that can help them get started. These tools are not very expensive and extremely helpful in getting the job done with perfection. The equipment needed by beginners are as follows:

1. Circular Saw

Woodworkers usually think of a table saw as the basic tool for woodworking. However, analyzing the benefits and cost that a circular saw holds can make them think otherwise. Circular saws are a great substitute of table saws. If handled with precision and care, these saws can be as accurate as needed.

Circular saws are available in different sizes, which may make a beginner confused as to which one to purchase. In such a case, when there are varieties of saws available, one should always go for the circular saw with the highest horsepower. Taking into account the safety rules, one can use these circular saws to get the best out of their woodwork.

2. Power Drills

Power drills come in different varieties, all of which are quite useful in woodworking. However, when it comes to the least expensive model, one should always go for corded power drills. Though less convenient, these corded drills serve the same purpose as cordless power drills. These drills are powerful and hence, help beginners work with efficiency on their wood projects. It is always recommended to go for the best brands, which offer the saws at a reasonable rate, to ensure both quality and convenience.

3. Jigsaw

A jigsaw, also known as sabre saw, is capable of cutting round and circular shapes in the wood. There are other tools such as a band saw that can serve the task better, but these band saws are quite expensive for beginners to use. Therefore, it is better to stick to the jigsaw until expertise is attained. Again, it is better to invest in a brand that is reliable rather than wasting money on something that could not provide long-term benefits.

4. Random Orbital Sander

The random orbital sander, as its name suggests, helps in sanding. The job can be done using substitutes such as a palm sander or plain sandpaper, both of which are not cheap, but the reason for suggesting the random orbital sander is the random sanding motion that it possesses. The random motion of the sander helps the tool prevent sanding marks from appearing on the stock, which the palm sander and plain sandpaper are incapable of doing.

5. Table Saw

After purchasing all the tools mentioned above, one should move towards buying the most valuable tool for woodworking: the table saw. The table saw can be used with efficiency once users have gotten used to working with the basic tools mentioned above. A table saw is a basic tool as well but needs some practice before being used. Users should purchase the best table saw for themselves, as all their woodworking would revolve around the saw they have purchased.

6. Compound Miter Saw

The compound miter saw is used for cutting angles at the sides of the stock. The tool is very useful and once precision with it is attained, one may not feel the need for using a circular saw. Hence, the compound miter saw is another secondary basic tool that a beginner, after gaining enough experience, is recommended to purchase.

7. Router

The last important tool that woodworkers needs to have in their warehouse is a quality router. Routers can be either stationary base or plunge base. For a beginner, the stationary base would do well, serving quite a number of tasks required.


By using these basic yet useful woodworking tools, beginners can transform themselves into professionals while qualifying for the complex tools that allow more intricate work to be done on the wood. These tools are less costly and easily available at shops. Hence, it is easy for a woodworker who is a beginner to get started with the work, even if their budget is low.

The tools are helpful in performing some basic tasks but cease to be beneficial when it comes to more advanced tasks. Hence, one needs to move to advanced tools once they have got their hands on the basic ones.